Stichting Open Roads Media is a nonprofit foundation based in The Netherlands.

Mission: Forge personal connections that transcend borders, bring attention to the work of local organizations, and educate the global community about critical social issues through the innovative use of media and communication technologies.

While our flagship initiative, The Virtual Dinner Guest Project, encompasses all of these core principles, we plan to expand the range of sponsored programs to include other multimedia, film-making, print, and audio-focused programming. We believe that it’s time to put the narrative back in the hands of the people, and to create a global network of local actors, united by dialogue and creative collaboration across political boundaries and cultural differences.

Contact us at:
RSIN (Netherlands nonprofit tax ID number): 8551 20 216

Olmenweg 2HS, 1091 KP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Where have we completed our projects? In 20 countries and counting!