Hello supporters of The Virtual Iftar Project. And Ramadan Kareem!

Hello supporters of The Virtual Iftar Project. And Ramadan kareem!
Throughout this past year we have released 3 episodes from our epic trip across Europe for Ramadan 2015. And we will be releasing our 4th and final episode just in time for Eid next week. This final episode will feature the collaboration between our participants in Gaza and Amsterdam.
Just as with last summer, the refugee crisis remains a grave international concern. At a time when xenophobia, political fear mongering, and media stereotypes threaten to define the discourse between Europe and Muslim-majority countries we want to ensure that initiatives like this remain possible.

While we were not able to secure the necessary supports to follow up with a 2nd Virtual Iftar Project for 2016, we want to be back in 2017. And there is something VERY simple you can do to help make that a reality. It requires no money. It simply requires a couple of minutes in front of your computer or your smart phone.
We need you to share the three videos that we have completed so far; videos that feature connections between Kosovo, Gaza, Pakistan, Germany and Egypt. We need to get these videos out in front of as many eyes as possible BEFORE THE END OF RAMADAN. The more views that we can accumulate the stronger will be our case for attracting sponsors for next year.

So, if you can take a few minutes to watch and share the three videos posted in the comments below, and commit couple of sentences to writing about why you believe in this idea, it will help us tremendously.
Thanks to all of you for your support!