Greetings from Lebanon... and The Netherlands!

Our current bi-national project has Open Roads Media connecting students in Amsterdam with students from across Lebanon for another for another production of The Virtual Dinner Guest Project. Students on both sides will Discuss and Digest their varying views on a wide range of cultural and political topics and then document voices from the streets of their communities in short-form documentary film productions completed in each country. 

On the Lebanon side we are partnering with Unite Lebanon Youth Project and canvassing the country with our questions, from Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, to the beaches of Saida and Sour, to the Bekaa Valley, the agricultural heartland of Lebanon adjacent to the Syrian border, and home to dozens of camps for Syrian refugees.

Our Amsterdam partners are working on a parallel street film project in The Netherlands. You can watch the two short films here at the end of September, 2016, and you can also follow our progress and our snapshots, for this and previous projects, on social media:

Facebook: Open Roads Media

Twitter: @VirtualDinner

Instagram: Virtual Dinner