Want to work with us? Here's some helpful info to get you started:

We work hard to have a global reach, but being a small nonprofit we have to be realistic about the number and types of projects we take on. Unfortunately this means we often have to pass on opportunities to cover places and topics that we love. However, if you really love our concept and you're willing to put in some time, here are three ways that you can help bring our programming to your community:


1. If you think you may have the resources to sponsor us then please contact us to work out a budget. Sometimes it's a combination of this option and one of those that follow.

2. Raise the funds to work with us (we're happy to consult with you on how to do this). 

3. Work with us to apply for a grant from another institution. Below you'll find a list of places that might be helpful, but please be sure to contact us before you include us in any appeals for funds so we can help you to estimate costs.